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Academic and Social Calendar

March: Re-Registration All Month! Save your Place for 2023-2024

03/01: Check the Outing List for outings happening this week and throughout the year

03/01: Stride Innovation Challenge Opens, learn more

03/02: Check out and learn about CTE at WAVA

03/02: Wear Green for Mental Wellness, brought to you by WAVA CTSO

03/03: Digital Learning Day at the Capitol: Join us

03/06: Share in the news, add your video message to the monthly WAVA News

03/09: LC Community Day: Message an LC and make a friend

03/01-03/30: Awareness Month: check out info on social media in recognition of awareness month

03/06-03/10: Join a Club Week, click a link and pop-in to any club

03/14: WAVA Open House Session K-12, 12pm (on OLS)

03/15: WAVA Open House Session K-12, 5:30pm (on OLS)

03/17: Wear Green Day-Spirit Day

03/17: Leprechaun Trap Challenge, post to the Padlet

03/24: Project Elevate Day, Share a special story with our Stride Media Team

03/31: Check for Stride Challenges and Competitions: link-

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